Welcome to my work space! Up until the end of last month, my home studio was both a work space AND an inventory storage zone (think, cardboard boxes and shipping supplies everywhere with literally no room to walk!) I got to rediscover my space as a creative space after we moved inventory down in the basement in a little back room. I've replaced card board boxes and shelves with intentional spaces and plants. It is a much more refreshing space to work in. Behind me in the self portrait above is a wall of a few wall decor items made by other inspiring makers. (Spirit Guides print by Laura Berger, Black Kitty print by Ashley Goldberg, and moon phases embroidery by Too Crewel). (Also this is not studio-related but I am really loving my new Taiga necklace by my friend Libby // Goldeluxe Jewelry)

Loving my chalkboard with wooden pins and a leaf painting I painted myself ^^

One of my favorite parts about my studio is that I made a table separate from my desk so I would have a creative zone to get messy, and a gadget zone do business things like emails, photo editing and also finalizing artwork on design programs.

My creative zone above - stocked with art supplies like my favorite lettering tools, ink, and basics and beyond. I've been wanting to experiment more with different types of handmade design - this is my spot.

While I'm definitely submerged in all things hand made, a girl boss can still use gadgets.  I couldn't work without my light tablet and my computer. Some bonus gadgets include an iPad pro and the new apple pencil - super useful. 

I like to surround myself with things totally NOT paper-related too, amongst lots of crystals and plants hang this indigo-dyed macrame piece by Amy Cronkite and an air plant home by Spazz Happy found at DUCF last winter, and my new fiber art wall hanging I learned how to make at a Makers & Finders event last weekend. 

Oh yeah, and hanging in the super messy corner that I didn't bother photographing is this SWAN HEAD I made as part of a Bjork costume a few years ago! I can't bring myself to throw it away!

Oh, and here is a super cheesy out-take while I was testing out my wireless shutter remote for my new catalog shoot! Anyone else have NO IDEA what to do with your hands during a photo of your self? peace :)