How to: A Solstice Resolution Ritual

How to: A Solstice Resolution Ritual

The Summer Solstice marks a significant moment of transition in a solar year. For six months now the days have been growing longer. On the day of the Solstice, that reaches a peak and then just like that... the days start getting shorter again. 

As the seasonal shift arrives, I feel called to work with the Solstice as the perfect moment for a re-centering personal ritual. A Solstice Resolution. What better time to take a pause and feel into our own personal transitions in alignment with the energy of the solstice? 

A Solstice Resolution is like a new year's resolution, but for me it feels more integrated into reality right in the middle of the year, and less lofty.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Prepare

This practice is best to do in a quiet and calm environment when you feel settled. For me, this is not in the middle of a day which, for me, usually has more stressful energies around. I like a calm time near dawn or dusk.

Writing things down in handwriting is practically a spell. Bringing your consciousness onto paper not only helps us process what is present in our being by bringing forth the non-verbal into words, it also works really well for transforming ideas into reality (a.k.a. actually doing the things we set out to do)!

So without further ado, grab your favorite thing to write with, and perhaps a handmade Worthwhile journal or notebook that you have. (Any paper will do here, of course). 

Step 2: Six Month Review

This is an opportunity to really take stock of the last six months. It could be a good idea to go back through your calendar, scroll up at the photos in your phone's photo reel, or browse through any journals you've used to bring things to mind. As you take a look at the recent past, don't just note what happened, but also tune into how you felt.

Here are some prompts to answer:

• What are some events that have taken place in the last six months?

• In the last six months, what have I directed my time and energy to the most?
• Am I happy with where I have directed my energy to?

• What are some goals I have achieved or come closer to?

• What are some goals that have been hanging out on the back burner?

• Do any words or themes come up for this first half of the year?

    Step 3: Current State

    Before stepping into intentions for the next half of the year, take as much time as you need to tune into how you are feeling in the present. How does the extra day light make you feel? How are you feeling right here at the midpoint of the year?

    Step 4: Get clear on your direction moving forward

    Now is the time to use your reflections and insights gained from the above questions to orient you toward what you would like to prioritize in this second half of the year. 

    Here are some questions to answer now:

    • Am I in a place to continue my momentum on a trajectory I have been on, or am I more in a place that is ripe for pivoting and redirecting?

    •  In this next half of the year, what are my main priorities? 

    • Do I have any end-of-the-year goals I would like to name?

    • What would I like to move away from?

    • What would I like to move toward?

    • What are some new habits I would like to integrate (or re-integrate if they were lost)?

    • What are some words or themes that come up when I think about the next six months? (Definitely write these down). 

    ☼ ☼ ☼ 

      I hope this inspires you to take a slow moment to pause and not let this Summer Solstice slip by without connecting with your wise self, and that this ritual is supportive to your highest good.