About Us

WORTHWHILE PAPER is a collection of lively screen printed paper goods for lovers of nature, magic and meaningful design. We are a husband and wife team who love to create beautiful print work to share with others. Our work is drawn and lettered by hand and screen printed with earth-friendly papers and inks. Featuring a unique blend of nature and minimalism, our designs carry a goal to truly bring some positivity and love into the world through meaningful connections - whether that is a personal reconnection to nature, or a connection between two people. 

All of our products are designed by Kristen Drozdowski in her plant-filled home studio in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Using original hand lettering, illustrations, simple shapes, and patterns. We screen print + assemble every item with love locally, using sustainable materials and practices whenever possible.



I launched Worthwhile Paper in 2014 with a background in graphic design, a growing passion for hand lettering and experience in two of my favorite things: screen printing and card-giving. 

After we began collaborating on gig poster designs, my husband Steve & I joined artistic forces and combined my energy & love for design with his mastery in screen printing to fulfill my dream to start a paper goods line. We are now married and have an amazing little boy, living about a 15 minute walk from VGKids, the screen printing shop that Steve co-owns where all Worthwhile products are screen printed. We have always loved collaborating, and years later are feeling luckier than ever to be operating a creative business together that combines our passions, and supports our family.

I am committed to running and sustaining our business with a foundation that our adventures in making will always be rooted in a process we love dearly, exploring creativity as a means to bring more positive energy into the world, and never compromising on the quality of our work.

The word “worthwhile” goes beyond making paper goods. To me, it’s more of a mindset. Living a worthwhile life is about valuing time & experiences, going outside, doing something creative, not always taking the easy route, surrounding ourselves with people who we share good times with, and spending our lives doing the things we feel really matter. I hope that sentiment is reflected in our line.






SCREEN PRINTING is a multi-step process of printing ink through a superfine mesh screen which acts like a stencil. Since each ink color is printed individually through its own screen, we are able to achieve very bold, bright and precise ink colors by hand-mixing each color to our liking.

HAND MADE All of our products are designed, printed and assembled by us with love in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

QUALITY Our process & materials result in a high quality product with a print that won't fade over time!

ECO-FRIENDLY We pride ourselves on using water-based screen printing inks and recycled white and kraft paper stocks from French Paper Company, a Michigan paper mill that operates on 100% hydropower. Additionally, we like to use our resources wisely - ganging up cards on larger sized sheets to save energy and materials, using leftover ink from other jobs to make new inks, using leftover scrap paper to make our promotional materials, re-using cardboard boxes from the shop's shipments, etc.