By Kristen Drozdowski
on April 05, 2016

Spring is here

Our new spring collection has arrived and I'm so excited to share some new things with you that have been in the works for a while! Our new spring items were inspired by observing nature and cultivating positive thought patterns. Check out everything new here. Also, to celebrate all that is new:

 use code SPRING20 for 20% off your order until Friday!


A peek at what's new:

Our brand new pocket journal sets are here featuring screen printed covers, 40 recycled unlined pages and feel-good rounded corners. Each set of 2 is bound by a paper wrap and make great mini journals for jotting down things to remember, thoughts, to-do lists, doodles and more.


My love for nature and observing / cataloging only grows. I had so much fun making our two newest art posters. Our new 16 x 20 Leaf Studies poster catalogs some of the most interesting and fascinating leaf shapes with each leaf silhouette corresponding to the plant it belongs to. Completely hand drawn, hand lettered and screen printed in dark green ink on heavy cream paper stock. 


The two simple hand lettered prints above were inspired by yoga & meditation - two really great reminders to practice mindfulness and stay in the present. I feel I really need these reminders often in my daily life as I try to stay calm & patient and cultivate peaceful practices.


Do you love house plants as much as I do? I would say I hoard them a bit. Who doesn't want to be surrounded by greenery? These refreshing & minimal houseplant friends require no light or water and our screen printing inks are bold and opaque for a plant (oh, wait, I mean print) that will look alive for a lifetime :) These are both three color screen prints featuring metallic gold ink and hand made illustration.


Also new in the print department: a sister print to our Tea Plant print, our botanical Coffee Plant print has arrived! I've been wanting to make this one, well, ever since I made the tea one! This print required a lot of illustration work and color layers and I wanted to get it just right. VGKids did an amazing job screen printing this!. VG is where we print all of our goods. That brings me to want to talk about our printing process for a second (more on this in a new blog post in the works!) My husband, Steve, screen prints all of our items at VGKids - the screen printing shop where we met, where my roots for Worthwhile began, and the business he now co-owns with two other amazing friends. With orders and wholesale picking up, sometimes we put art print jobs through in their normal schedule instead of trying to keep up with printing on off-hours "shifts", especially prints with a lot of detail and multiple colors like this one. I love knowing that I can trust that any design I put through comes out magically done. 


In addition to Mother's Day cards, there are 5 new cards in this launch, broadening our selection of our baby & wedding selections.

Thanks for checking out our new collection! You can shop the collection here.  Happy spring!





By Kristen Drozdowski
on February 18, 2016

Studio Tour

Welcome to my work space! Up until the end of last month, my home studio was both a work space AND an inventory storage zone (think, cardboard boxes and shipping supplies everywhere with literally no room to walk!) I got to rediscover my space as a creative space after we moved inventory down in the basement in a little back room. I've replaced card board boxes and shelves with intentional spaces and plants. It is a much more refreshing space to work in. Behind me in the self portrait above is a wall of a few wall decor items made by other inspiring makers. (Spirit Guides print by Laura Berger, Black Kitty print by Ashley Goldberg, and moon phases embroidery by Too Crewel). (Also this is not studio-related but I am really loving my new Taiga necklace by my friend Libby // Goldeluxe Jewelry)

Loving my chalkboard with wooden pins and a leaf painting I painted myself ^^

One of my favorite parts about my studio is that I made a table separate from my desk so I would have a creative zone to get messy, and a gadget zone do business things like emails, photo editing and also finalizing artwork on design programs.

My creative zone above - stocked with art supplies like my favorite lettering tools, ink, and basics and beyond. I've been wanting to experiment more with different types of handmade design - this is my spot.

While I'm definitely submerged in all things hand made, a girl boss can still use gadgets.  I couldn't work without my light tablet and my computer. Some bonus gadgets include an iPad pro and the new apple pencil - super useful. 

I like to surround myself with things totally NOT paper-related too, amongst lots of crystals and plants hang this indigo-dyed macrame piece by Amy Cronkite and an air plant home by Spazz Happy found at DUCF last winter, and my new fiber art wall hanging I learned how to make at a Makers & Finders event last weekend. 

Oh yeah, and hanging in the super messy corner that I didn't bother photographing is this SWAN HEAD I made as part of a Bjork costume a few years ago! I can't bring myself to throw it away!

Oh, and here is a super cheesy out-take while I was testing out my wireless shutter remote for my new catalog shoot! Anyone else have NO IDEA what to do with your hands during a photo of your self? peace :)





By Kristen Drozdowski
on January 12, 2016

12 little ways you can make someone's day

Introducing our newest item type: Mini Notes!

I like to make things that I like, will truly use, and feel I need in my life. These mini notes were initially inspired by the little valentines we gave out as kids. Also, I've been wanting a Paper Thing I could use as a perfect little cheer-you-up for occasions that didn't entirely call for an actual greeting card.

These little guys are $10 for a boxed set of 12 mini note cards + 12 mini pointed-flap kraft envelopes and they come in two styles: You Are Awesome & Gold Hearts. They will arrive neatly packed in a clear box as shown below. Also, rounded corners?! Give me a breaaaak. Stinkin' cuties.

Mini notes are small, hideable and perfect in at least 12 ways, which I've listed below!

1. Pop them in a tip jar! This one is kind of my favorite.

2. Hide them around the house for your partner / kid(s) / room mate to find.

3. Write your phone number on one and awkwardly (or non-awkwardly) give it to that cute dude / dudette you always talk to at (insert place you go often).

4. Put one in your kid's lunch.

5. Sprinkle them in public places with encouraging notes written on the inside with "open me" written on the envelope flap.

6. Write a positive reminder or secret mantra on one and keep it in your pocket.

7. Do you send mail? Include them in packages or letters to friends and loved ones.

8. Hide one in your friend's laptop or book.

9. Secretly slide one in your partner's pocket before work and then text them to look in their pocket later in the day.

10. Give one to a stranger.

11. Include them as a little note with a gift.

12. Keep them in your wallet / purse / etc. to use spontaneously!

Spread the positive mini vibes! I'd love to hear about other ways you think these can be used.




By Kristen Drozdowski
on January 05, 2016

Coming soon

We're working on bringing our blog to life. Stay tuned!