How I Rebranded my Small Business With Alignment and Clarity

How I Rebranded my Small Business With Alignment and Clarity

My small business is in it's 10th year! I've had the decade-long pleasure of creating sustainable printed paper goods that aim to support meaningful connections. I've been really proud of myself lately and also feeling very lucky to have been running a creative business for this long, all while sticking true to my values. With the hope I can continue to do this, many experiences this last year have led me to know it was time for a rebrand and expansion. 

When I started Worthwhile, it was in the spirit of making things that inspired creativity, self-reflection, and spending our time on earth doing the things that make us feel the most alive and connected. Art, design, and print have been my mediums for that. Over time, I’ve been diversifying my channels for creative work, and not all of them fall specifically within the definition of the word ‘paper,’ such as custom illustration and design work, original paintings, workshops, and (soon!) creative consulting.

What I realized over time is that everything I am doing creatively makes so much sense together because it all comes from the same bundle of values, intentions and energies. So, instead of keeping all of my creative offerings separate, I am now housing all of them under the same roof.

When setting out to re-brand, it was important to me to really understand not just how I wanted things to look, but how I wanted to feel. I wanted Worthwhile to feel like a channel for my creative wholeness and allow me to easily offer my customers a diverse array of ways of working with me or purchasing from me, with my original art, workshops, collaborations, and bespoke design to be presented alongside my paper goods. 

So, I have shifted our name a little.

What I prefer is simply: WORTHWHILE. Because that is the word in the name that is most important to me. But since it has been a long history of Worthwhile Paper being a name, I don't want to lose the rights or connection to it. And at the same time, I need something with more openness. 

Enter: Worthwhile Paper + Studio

The words "paper" and "studio" are simply not the point. They are there, but de-prioritized a bit, like a subtitle. But here is why I decided this. I've kept 'paper' for history's sake and added 'studio' to the subtitle to encompass more creative diversity and limitless possibility. What is better for creativity than limitless possibility? 

I have been really wanting to re-design my logo for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity. Below is the new branding board I created.

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Yep, it's a dandelion seed!

Why a dandelion seed?

Dandelion seeds are so light, and they don't abide by any boundaries to inhibit their ability to grow and thrive. This is how I want to feel creatively - like I am not boxing myself in. I think everyone wants to feel that way! To feel free. To feel allowed. To feel spaciousness around them. This is the kind of message I want to bring to others around me - to trust, to take up space, to grow, and to thrive. 

This concept inspired my Grow Without Asking Print:

My dandelion seed is also symbolic of Worthwhile's four main values. Creativity, self-discovery, connection, and sustainability. It has been a really interesting experience considering a re-brand and what it means to me. I know my values are not shifting, but what I am offering is expanding from the same set of values. And, the act of creating a new logo that represents a little something special about my brand vision has been really fun. I am really enjoying this new sense of creative freedom and have a lot of ideas for new goods and experiences to make and share, all in the spirit of what matters most to me.  

Speaking of, what really matters to me more than anything right now is that I never want to sacrifice the personal element of my small business. While I see my rebrand as an expansion of my offerings, I am not approaching it with a mindset of big growth in the traditional sense. I am not aiming to scale up or climb a ladder so tall that I move myself away from having direct connections with my customers. If anything, it feels like I'm starting at an exciting new square one, looking at things with fresh eyes and an eager spirit, with a beginner's attitude and excitement to create. Authentic, personal connection is my very top priority. Thank you for being here with me!

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