12 little ways you can make someone's day

12 little ways you can make someone's day

I like to make things that I like, will truly use, and feel I need in my life. These mini notes were initially inspired by the little valentines we gave out as kids. They are great to use as a little cheer-you-up for occasions that didn't entirely call for an actual greeting card.

These little cuties are $10 for a boxed set of 12 mini note cards + 12 mini pointed-flap kraft envelopes and they come in two styles: You Are Awesome & Gold Hearts

Mini notes are small, hideable and perfect in at least 12 ways, which I've listed below!

1. Pop them in a tip jar! This one is kind of my favorite.

2. Hide them around the house for your partner / kid(s) / room mate to find.

3. Write your phone number on one and awkwardly (or non-awkwardly) give it to that cute person you always talk to at (insert place you go often).

4. Put one in your kid's lunch.

5. Sprinkle them in public places with encouraging notes written on the inside with "open me" written on the envelope flap.

6. Write a positive reminder or secret mantra on one and leave it somewhere someone might find it.

7. Do you send mail? Include them in packages or letters to friends and loved ones.

8. Hide one in your friend's laptop or book.

9. Secretly slide one in your partner's pocket before work and then text them to look in their pocket later in the day.

10. Give one to a stranger.

11. Include them as a little note with a gift.

12. Keep them in your wallet / purse / etc. to use spontaneously!

Spread the positive mini vibes! I'd love to hear about other ways you think these can be used.