Rise & Set: A Journaling Practice for Morning & Evening

Rise & Set: A Journaling Practice for Morning & Evening

Opening the morning with gratitude, vision, and support can set a positive tone for the day. And closing out the evening with appreciation, acceptance, and an openness to what we've learned can help us reflect and settle. That's why I was inspired to create the Rise & Set Guided Journal: a simple journal that supports quickly yet meaningfully connecting with ourselves, at two significant times each day.

If you are like me and feel like your days have been flying by, a good practice is to carve out more small moments of centering. Sound nice? This one might be for you!

While testing this journal out myself, I've found that taking just a few minutes in the morning and again in the evening to answer a few thoughtful prompts can actually make an incredible difference in my state of mind and make me feel more in tune with what makes each day unique.

Each page is the same set of questions, so you can really get in a rhythm with it and answer specifics for each day. There is a morning section and an evening section each with its own specific set of 3 quick prompts.

How to use the Rise & Set journal:

When: Use this journal at the beginning and end of your day. Might I suggest sunrise and sunset? Only a few moments each time are truly needed. Idea: Attach it to another part of your routine - for example, while you are waiting for your coffee or tea to cool down.

Where: Keep this journal in a location where you spend time both morning and night. Examples: Near your bed, or at your table. Alternate idea: Keep this journal at your work desk and use it for the beginning and end of your work day.

Why: A little bit of self-inquiry can bring out a huge deal of good insight! Also, my favorite way to frame this ritual is to think of it as opening a circle and closing it. 

More tips: 

It's definitely enough to encourage you to just be creative and make it yours, but I want to make sure you get the most out of this journal... so for the sake of inspiration, let's break down each section and question!

Morning intentions: this is the top half of the page

1. Gratitude • I am grateful for...

Look around you and feel within you - what immediately reveals itself?

Be really specific and present about what you are grateful for. For example, instead of a general statement like "the sun", what about... "The sun making glowy light shapes on the wall"

Get creative and make it you: You can write three things you are grateful for here, or one big long thing, or as many little things as you can squeeze into the three lines.

2. Vision • Today, I'm inspired to...

Think about what's ahead today and what you want to focus on. 

This isn't a to-do list, but sometimes it's nice to jot down a main focus or something you're really feeling like doing that day. Maybe something you don't want to forget to do or lose sight of. If you're like me, I could choose from 200 things to do in one day, and writing down a few things I feel like I have the particular energy for is helpful. 

This space is not just for tasks and activities in the material realm! It can also be about attitudes and inner magic! You could be inspired to move slowly through the day for example, or inspired to be more compassionate, or to let go of something.

3. Support • Words to help guide my day

This can be a space for an affirmation or a helpful reminder, maybe it's something you heard recently, maybe it's something you came up with - what words feel supportive that you can take with you today? 

You don't have to come up with a full pinterest-worthy quotable phrase here. These could also be just simple words like "be soft" or "its ok". Whatever your style is! 

Evening Reflections: this is the bottom half of the page

Appreciation • Highlight of my day:

Easy. What was the best part of your day? There will be something. Big or small. I promise!

Acceptance • Low point of my day:

This one is less easy because sometimes we feel silly to complain, but just go for it full power and allow yourself to whine, what part of your day was not great?

Inquiry • What did I learn today?

There is no such thing as going through a day and not learning something! And it doesn't have to be a big deal kind of thing. Think of any moment in your day where you got a little clarity about something or understood something deeper, or perhaps there was really something you learned big time. 

Does this feel like an inspiring ritual for you? If so, you can grab yours here!

A fun surprise...

You have the option of optimizing your experience with a matching candle - the Rise & Set Candle! What a fun surprise! I worked with a local friend Erin who is the artist and maker behind Bookend Candle Co. to create a custom blend. We went through so many thoughtful samples to land on a scent I love - it evokes a balance between uplift and calm... like a rise and set. 

How lovely is that? I made it so you can purchase the candle and journal as a set with a slight discount. Makes a great gift set for yourself or someone you love! 

May there be space, freedom and discovery in all of your days.